The Band

Job Alone & Friends 

An energizing mix of originals, traditional songs and -tunes, straight from the heart, firmly rooted in Irish trad music and Americana !!

Job Alone

foto:Ronald Rietman

Job Alone is a singer,songwriter and percussionist hailing from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He delivers his own-penned or (traditional) folksongs by others with a warm baritone and basic guitar playing intimate and tasteful, varied with a capella songs or accompanied with the Irish drum, the bodhran. He is also singer/percussionist with the Dutch Folk band Maalstroom and guest musician with the Irish band The Fiddle Case when they play on the continent.

Dennis Heijt

foto:Ronald Rietman

Dennis is a highly-respected bouzouki player who played for years with the top-class Dutch Irish Trad band The Lowland Paddies. With his thriving bouzouki grooves he delivers the sound fundament for the band’s music.

Special guest: Laura Schuit

Laura is an accomplished fiddler and talented singer, she played for years with the band Kilshannig. We’re very happy she’s joining forces with us and looking forward to the sweet tones & harmonies she will add to the sound  of  Job Alone & Friends!