The Band

Job Alone & Friends 

An energizing mix of originals, traditional songs and -tunes straight from the heart, firmly rooted in Irish trad- and Americana music!!

Job Alone

Job Alone is a singer,songwriter and percussionist hailing from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He delivers his own-penned or (traditional) folksongs by others with a warm baritone and basic guitar playing intimate and tasteful, varied with a capella songs or accompanied with the Irish drum, the bodhran. He is also singer/percussionist with the Dutch Folk band Maalstroom and guest musician with the Irish band The Fiddle Case when they play on the continent.

Dennis Heijt

Dennis is a highly-respected bouzouki player who played for years with the top-class Dutch Irish Trad band The Lowland Paddies. With his thriving bouzouki grooves he delivers the sound fundament for the band’s music.

Ide Cornelissen

Aka De Fransoos/The Notorious I.D.E. is performer, violin- and mandolin player currently living in Utrecht. Since age 8 he plays folk- and american music and expresses this love in Job Alone & Friends and the duo Double Fold.  He is also frontman in the band Rumble In The Barn .

Special guest: Gabriël Harmsen

Beside an inventive and refined guitarist in accompanying songs and tunes, Gabriël is also a wonderful mandoline player. Aside from Job Alone & Friends, he also lends his talents to singer/ songwriter Géonne Hartman and works as a guitar teacher  at The Guitar Factory in Utrecht.


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